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Saint-Hubertus celebration in Durbuy

October is all about hunting. And who says hunting, says Saint Hubertus, the patron saint of hunting.

Every year around October there is therefore a Sint-Hubertus celebration. Really, even if you are not Catholic it is really worth taking a look.

A fixed element is the open-air Eucharist at the Anticlinal in Durbuy center (near the mini golf, Derrière Clairval). That in itself is special, but wait: hundreds of people come to the mass together with their animals, from small dogs to large horses, birds and cats. Because during the celebration of the Mass, the priest blesses the bread of Saint Hubert and then distributes it to the animals to protect them against rabies. A custom that has lasted for many hundreds of years. At the end of the Mass, the hunters, in beautiful costumes, give an impressive hunting horn concert and finally everything ends in a cozy reception where the locals catch up with each other. Since everything is open air, you can come and go as you please without anyone being offended. So you don’t have to stay for the entire celebration.

And if this hasn’t convinced you yet: here the priest puts the host on your tongue with his own hands, a special experience 🙂

You can find the date of the Sint-Hubertus celebration in the Durbuy calendar.

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