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La Route des Tiges (47 km)

The Route des Tiges is a beautiful cycling route over the hills of the Condroz. After all, a “tige” is a succession of sandstone ridges in the Condroz, so you are driving on the Heuvelruggenroute. The route is 47 km long and well signposted. It leads you past some beautiful views and protected villages such as Herbet, Verlaine, Vervoz and Ocquier. Time literally stood still, and some of the villages are even protected. Churches, farms, windmills and endless views over the fields and forests: a bike ride of 47 km where you will be able to look around a lot! A map, more information about the route and downloadable GPS routes can be found on the Ma Rando site.

Starting point from Villa Louise: turn right up Rue de la Haie Himbe. At the intersection with the Rue du Mérou at the very top of the plateau (after about 2 km) you will see arrows pointing to the right. There you can pick up on the route.

Starting point from Villa des Roches: cycle towards the center of Durbuy. At the bridge over the Ourthe, cross the street (don’t cross the bridge, stay on the same side of the Ourthe!) into Rue de la Haie Himbe. Cycle all the way until you reach the intersection with the Rue du Mérou on top of the plateau (after a good 2 km). There you will see arrows to the right and you can pick up on the route.

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