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La Route Champêtre (63,3 km)

A tough but breathtaking cycle route that takes you from the Calestienne (a vast limestone strip) to the Famenne. These are two regions around the Ourthe, but each with a completely different view and relief. As a result, you will also get to know the Ourthe in different ways: winding and fast around the rocks in Durbuy or quiet, wide and stately in the Famenne. And just like all cycling tours in the region, you will pass numerous old, picturesque villages, stately castle farms and small houses. Rub your calves well, because this 63 km route is often up and down but definitely worth the effort. A map, more information about the route and downloadable GPS routes can be found on Ma Rando

Starting point from Villa Louise: turn left down Rue de la Haie Himbe. Immediately on the right, take the small street (Chemin des Houblonnières) towards the pedestrian bridge. Cross the bridge. Over the bridge, turn right onto Rue Théodore d’Ursel, where you can catch up on the route.

Starting point from Villa des Roches: cycle towards the center of Durbuy and cross the bridge over the Ourthe. After a few hundred meters of cycling on the Rue Théodore d’Ursel you will encounter the signs and you can pick up the route.

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