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Sometimes we jokingly call Durbuy “the Knokke of the Ardennes”. And you feel that the most in La Mezzanine, Durbuy’s one and only lounge bar. The owner, Olivier Bertrand, intended to bring the Ibiza atmosphere to Durbuy, and he succeeded quite well. The interior is stylish, modern, loungey, and the music is loud and totally on trend. On the menu you will find cocktails, gin, different types of champagne, whiskey, … name a hip drink and it will be on the menu of La Mezzanine. Work your way in with your little finger in the air and some finger food in the other hand.

This is a place where the hip people come for aperitifs or parties. The heels are high, the skirts short and the shirts starched. Another sultry breeze through the high windows, and you actually imagine yourself in St. Trop.

La Mezzanine
Place aux Foires 22 – 6940 Durbuy